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The Joy Of Happiness In My Life.

 The joy of happiness in my life.

The joy of living has always been easy for me.

Happiness was always the hard part for me. Until i met my gracious and loving husband. who assured me every day that he loves and adores me.

We can all agree if we are interested in finding love.

Love is out there it just depends on what we are looking for. 

After my first marriage, I decided that the only way i would get married again. I would have to find someone that loves life and has a fundamental sense of people and the world around us.

To have happiness we have to not just live for ourselves we have to live for others, realized when i was very young that when you take care of others your life becomes easier and in turn, others will help you when you're in need.

In my journey through life. I realized love and happiness don't always come from your spouse or your immediate family, it also comes from the people you meet through your journey discovering life.

The best thing I have done in life. Wasn't to give up on love. when I think about the curves life has thrown us and yet today I found my absolutely perfect husband and we are so intuned with each other sometimes I pinched myself.

A bit of advice always be true to yourself in what you want out of love.

Don't settle for less, just what's in your heart.

Love and respect each other always say i love you.

Don't forget love never fails it's people that failed sometimes our expectations are too high and we forget about the most important part that is. Love.

"Love and happiness is an endless conversation":

Some of my top romantic movies:


2. The Shape of Water,2017

3. It happened one night, 1938

4. Call me by your name, 2018