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Nuremberg, German

Learning The German Language

 This was a whole different world for me, I am used to walking around understanding what everyone says, then nothing other than my husband speak English. So my husband tells me, the German Language is easy. You are smart; it won't take you very long; surprise, surprise German is like combat!  You have to go inside of yourself and pull everything out and help yourself.

One thing that helps me was that I learned some different languages when I was in high school.

My Germann class photo


Two years of German Language school:

So when I first started, I just listened because that's the only way it made sense to me. Later I joined the German integration class then I started to understand better. The integration classes are design to make you learn the language easier. The teachers are dedicated to making you learn, and you do.... after four days a week six hours a day in school five hours of homework every night. My husband was the homework drill Sargent. I thought to myself "WOW." I didn't know this was possible. It felt like I was in high school again. Sometimes we tell ourselves we can't or we won't, but we certainly can.

German class excursion


My first German-language test came half a year in and I got my German residences to permit. Then the next test was my Living in Deutschland.

Classmates and teachers:

This was an awesome experience for all of us: twenty-one students from fifteen different countries one common gold...... learning the German Language.  Thanks to our two wonderful and patient teachers for giving us the window to another world.