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HOW DID I END UP IN GERMANY ?-Story of why I made the move

After all my years traveling to Europe, and I loved every minute of my experiences and always felt like I belong.

 I had done a lot, seen a lot in my life, and was pondering the idea of moving to France. I was talking to a friend about moving there and her response to me was,   "Maybe you should "date more often," my response was that; I am over that; it's too hard to find a good man to connect with,  plus I have a certain type I'm interested in, haha. The conversation went on about my dateless life. She suggested I try a dating site she was familiar with, I protested, but she made her case and it seemed doable.  She said, eHarmony. I said "Really?" she said, "Yes, because I know if they don't answer the 100 hundred questions, you won't respond to them". She was right; that's my A-type personality.

 Reluctantly, a few days later, I joined for free, answered my 100 hundred questions with all my checkmarks for countries, height, recent travel, must be a handyman, and a lover of fine wine and whiskey.


 Then in February 23,2016: "Sharon, you have a match". I read his answers to the questions and answered back. From then on, we start writing emails to each other. At the end of March, Thomas told me he was coming to visit Chicago on April 2-2016.

 I told him, "Yeah when you get here we can meet for dinner or drinks", He replied, "No, I am coming to see you".
 Naturally, I was surprised, but he did, as he said he would. He stayed for two weeks, went back to Germany, and came back six weeks later for my birthday on June 9th and stayed for ten days.


 On August 6-2016, I came to Germany to visit Thomas and his family: his mother Christine and his two daughters, Samantha and Rebecca. 
 I stayed for two months, until the end of September. Before I left, Thomas and I got engaged. We both travel back to  America on October 1,2016. We went to New York visiting friends and family for one week, then headed to Chicago. On October 15, 2016. We got married at the City hall with three of our closest friends, who are really is our family.

 Thomas head back to Germany on October 20,2016 which was very difficult for him because I had to stay and empty my apartment and my work studio took care of other personal stuff.
Thomas's mother wanted me to come back for Christmas, so I was working hard and as fast as possible. Meanwhile, I had my plane ticket for December 24,2016, and I made it in time for the family fest on Christmas Eve.