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 My Sonnenshine and I 

Living in the big city of Chicago as an entrepreneur, working and running all the time, it was very hard to find true love;  Not only that,  you have to connect with the right person or it would be a total waste of time. I didn't think I have a problem finding a man, I had a problem finding the right man for me. Sometimes we think we are ready, but often we aren't. 

                   LIVE BY MY OWN DISCIPLINE:                                                                                   

One day I made a list of what I could live without and what I couldn't live without. It was very simple for me, but strangely the one thing I  couldn't live without was a" man."  The things I mapped out for myself and my life included a man. I am a diehard romantic; I believe in love stories.

I watched Pride and Prejudice a thousand times, so I had to have my "Mr Darcey". I still believed in "chivalry" and I wasn't going to settle for anything less. The most beautiful thing now is that my husband is madly in love with me, as I am with him.

Finally, I found the love of my life. He's what I dreamt of, someone who loves me unconditionally with all my flaws.
I made the move to Nuremberg because I meet my husband and fell in love with him instantly.
My husband, Thomas, is such a loving, kind and gentle soul you can't help but just want to be a better person. in response to him. I met him in April 2016, got married on October 15 that same year and moved to Germany on December 24 now we've been married for four years and he is the same person I met four years ago. He still tells me every day how much he loves me and how happy he is that I am here with him. 

Now we are a big family, I inherited two daughters and a wonderful mother-in-law, followed by an equally wonderful son-in-law and we're about to become grandparents!.


I dreamed up my own destiny because I always believed in myself, the power of my own mind and life-condition,   Sometimes we have to dream the impossible; we have to be bold. Sometimes we have to toot our own horn. I don't know if I am always right, but for me, it is important to listen to my heart. The people who love and care about you will always be there.

Speaking for myself, I have always been disciplined, work, exercise and eating healthy, I have been the same size for years. My friendships with people who understand me and have supported me are important.

Life is a journey. Never stop dreaming. Always sing out loud. A true love story never ends.

Maxbridge / Maxbrücke,Nuremberg