Nuremberg is a good place to live

If you weren’t born or lived in Nuremberg, you definitely will be surprised by what it has to offer.

The first time I visited, for the first few days I was a little skeptical, but as time went on and I start moving around I was pleasantly surprised by all the history, the medieval walls, and castles, these are just things you read of in fairy tale books or seeing in movies like Game of thrones.

Local People and Culture

There are all different nationalities of people from all over the world, the culture is insane, the food culture is out of this world, wine and coffee; “well that’s fantastic.”But the number one thing is “beer and more beer”  has its own culture.

People are friendly and respectful to each other, Germans are a close-knit society, they know everyone and everything around them, if you live there for a long time or you just move in, and they have a lot of opinions. So if you are new just be polite until you figure it out. They will come around.

The perks I get during the week.

The thing I like about living in Nuremberg is having access to fresh food or Bioproducts, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits, every day of the week because most of the farms are ten to fifteen minutes from the city, some are even in the city. Butcher shops are everywhere in the city. The wonderful thing is that we can get fresh flowers every day of the week from the same farmer that sells vegetables.

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  1. My Princess, you realy enjoy living in your new city. I never payed that much attention to this city, because I grew up over here. You show me this city in a different way and I discover places I didn't even konw they exist over here...and whatever other people say, it is a big city with so much history! Your blog always inspires me and I love you my Princess !!!